Protests against coronavirus tyranny have exploded across Italy as citizens demand a return to normalcy after months of lockdowns and crushing restrictions.

[EuroWars] The Italian government imposed another national lockdown on Sunday, ordering bars and restaurants to close at 6 p.m., while shutting down many recreational and athletic facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools, theaters.

Localities in some regions also decreed additional oppressive rules.

Face masks have been mandatory in outdoor public spaces nationwide since early October.

Massive demonstrations in cities and towns around the country have also inspired violent riots and looting, prompting police to respond with stiff crowd control measures.

“In my home city of Milan, where I have barely seen a violent protest take place in my life, protesters against new pandemic restrictions measures are throwing what appear to be molotov cocktails at police and chanting ‘Liberty,’” Italian journalist Alessandra Bochi wrote on Monday night.

“Impressive images from Naples in Piazza Plebiscito: thousands against lockdown, curfew and Conte government: ‘Freedom!’ Let’s stick together, we’ll write history,” wrote citizen journalist Radio Savana.

Radio Savana shared videos from around the country which were reportedly shot in recent days.

“Latina Piazza del Popolo full! Citizens protest against lockdown and Conte government. All the squares of Italy are full: from north to south, from east to west, including the islands.”

“The revolt spreads throughout Italy. Lecce, citizens in mass protest against lockdown and Conte government and break through the cordon of the Carabinieri and the Police shouting: ‘Liberty, liberty, liberty!’”

“Turin, citizens in the square protest against the lockdown and Conte government: ‘Freedom!’ Clashes with the police are underway.”

“Treviso, citizens in the square protest against the lockdown and Conte government: ‘Freedom!’ Full square!”

“Fifth day of protest. Even tonight the squares of Italy are full. Padua is there: hundreds of citizens protest against the lockdown and the Conte government singing the Mameli anthem.”

“In Italy they protest 24/24 without stopping. Rome piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon), hundreds of our brothers and sisters demonstrate against lockdown and Conte government shouting: ‘Work and freedom!’”

While arrests have been reported amid looting and violence in Milan and Turin, they have been attributed almost exclusively to migrants and left-wing anarchists by some sources.

Turin: delinquents from social centers assisted by North African illegal immigrants attack the police, devastate shops and steal goods.

“Lockdown in Turin: clashes with the police and devastation. Appeal to those who protest: policemen are not attacked, private property and public goods are not damaged. The goal is the Palazzo, that is the irrevocable resignation of the entire Conte government.”

“Lockdown in Milan: clashes with the police and devastation of shops and trams. Attempted assault on the palace of the Lombardy Region.”

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