Antifa Riots Follow Inauguration

“We Don’t Want Biden, We Want Revenge”

(Summit) While the corporate media salivated in anticipation of a repeat of the Capitol building storming, ready to blame Trump supporters, it was crickets when Antifa started rioting again last night.

In Seattle, groups of Antifa marauded through the streets vandalising property and starting fires.

Antifa violence also broke out in Portland, as Antifa attacked the Democratic Party building:

The group of weenie thugs carried flags promising “a new world from the ashes”, and stating “we are ungovernable” and “we don’t want Biden, we want revenge”:

They also burned Biden/Harris flags:

…and dawbed “f*ck Biden” all over the Democratic building:

Meanwhile, in Colorado an Antifa mob also burned flags and clashed with police:

The Antifa mob attacked other protesters, including pro-life and Trump supporters:

They carried banners reading “No honeymoon for Biden”:

It’s clear that this group don’t want ‘healing’, they just want to see America destroyed completely:

It’s all just ‘an idea’ though.

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