No Agenda


Every DarkDox Meet Up IS a No Agenda Meet Up! We are working towards our Knighthood along with all the other slaves of FEMA REGION IV of Gitmo Nation! Don’t be a douche bag and follow the formula which is this:

“We go out, and we hit people in the mouth.”

…which is of course a euphemism for what I just did to you, introduce you to the show. It is going on 13 years “on the air” which is a funny expression for this because it is not just a podcast, it is hosted by Adam Curry, the inventor of podcasting known on the HAM radios and the Joe Rogan Experience, The Podfather and John C. Dvorak who wrote for PC magazine for over a decade and got canned for being critical of 5G.

Funded by their producers, not listeners, they run on the “value for value model” which replaces commercial advertisements with executive and associate executive producers as well as producers with smaller donations,  graphic artists, musicians, and some just submit clips or write notes blowing whistles from within government and corporate institutions exposing fraud and corruption which help Adam and John deconstruct the media in a hilarious and strangely light hearted approach with hilarious jingles, banter,  and over a decade of archived sound clips to reference lies and disinformation spread by the M5M (mainstream media) on all sides! Live shows at on Thursdays and Sundays. Jump in the Troll Room and rub elbows in the chat with Knights, Dames, Trolls, Slaves, Douche Bags, Dudes Named Ben, and Dudettes Named Burnadette while Adam reads live on the air for a very post modern media experience! Currently working on Podcasting 2.0!