Massive Gaps In Border Wall Order By Biden Administration

Owen and the crew head to the unfinished border wall to get a full breakdown on what is happening there, what went wrong, what currently is unfolding, and what’s to come. They literally crossed the border and crossed back, no border patrol, no cameras. Anyone could smuggle people, drugs, guns, ANYTHING to either side of the border.

Massive Increase In Migrant Facilities Near Border

Infowars reporter Owen narrates drone footage captured flying over the Donna, Texas Child Trafficking Center. The FBI has waived background check requirements for workers and foster homes creating a human traffickers dream scenario.

Illegal Immigrants With Envelopes Of Cash Seen At Airport Flying Around US

Owen and the crew uncover that migrants are indeed being flown out of McAllen Airport to locations all over the nation, with border patrol stickers emblazoned and travel information and supplies all packed up for convenience to their next destination.

Biden Building Giant Child Smuggling Center At Texas Border

FBI Illegally Stopped Requiring Background Checks For Workers and Foster Homes Creating Buffet For Child Smugglers.Owen Shroyer remotes in to The Alex Jones Show to break down the situation at the southern border migrant overflow facility under Biden’s disastrous immigration policy.

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