The Generational Threat of the Chinese Communist Party Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) more than 40 years ago, the United States has sought to draw the PRC into the community of nations as a responsible stakeholder. U.S. leaders pursued a strategy of engagement based on the assumption that expanding the bilateral economic relationship with the PRC would advance the U.S. national interest and lead the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to change. This engagement strategy often turned a blind eye to the CCP’s human rights violations, economic malfeasance, expansionist aggression, and empty promises, as well as the CCP’s deep commitment to a hostile Communist ideology that drives this malign behavior. This strategy has, simply put, failed. In just the past year alone, the CCP has violated an international treaty and dismantled Hong Kong’s civil liberties; continued its oppression of ethnic minorities, including Uyghurs and Tibetans; increased its military buildup, conducted increasingly belligerent provocations, and violated other nations’ sovereignty at sea; engaged in fatal skirmishes to conduct a land-grab on the Indian border; and asserted new territorial claims over Bhutan. Moreover, by silencing doctors and suppressing medical information from the world, the CCP allowed a local outbreak of a virus to turn into a global pandemic, killing almost one million people to date and devastating the global economy. This pandemic exposed various U.S. supply chain vulnerabilities, the dangers of U.S. overreliance on the PRC, and the need for a more robust domestic medical and technological manufacturing capacity. This series of wakeup calls has revealed how CCP ideology is undermining the core principles of the international system and putting Americans’ safety and prosperity at risk. Leniency and accommodation of the CCP and its oppressive agenda is no longer an option. To preserve democracy and freedom around the world, the U.S. must act decisively with our allies to regain the initiative. Addressing such malign conduct can no longer be one of many priorities for our respective governments, but rather the organizing principle
of the free world.

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