The collective consciousness is a wonderful thing. Several years ago I put out the trailer for a film I was working on called Exposing [pedoswim]. Life happened as it does and I ended up turning the content into several episodes of DarkDox Digest because it was simply too daunting to put all of this together and pour my heart and soul into something worthy of releasing. I just came across Deepest Dark on a telegram group I joined and before I even watched it I knew that it was very close to what I was going to put out and sure enough, it has all the Justin Roiland clips and even opens up the film from [adult swim] after hours with the pyramid heads abusing babies, jingling keys when they cry and continuing to abuse them, which was our trailer.

Some people might be annoyed that they beat them to it. Not me. I am relieved and thrilled. All things considered, they did me a favor. This film is pretty comprehensive and got me out of bed to put together this post, download it, add it to the archive, do the art, and go through my files to add the following clips for supplemental material.

We are getting a few T-shirt and DVD orders in and it is much appreciated. Check out our shop. We are getting a new supplier and they do great work. I am going off the grid and spending much of my time roughing it in the woods and teaching classes on survival so I am looking for contributors to DarkDox. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the DarkDox Army. If you want to come down to Cocoa and get wild with me, visit

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      • Anonymous

        It give me the whole Safari cannot open the page because it can’t reach the server. I can email you a video, but when you hit play, the video doesn’t load or play at all

        • This site is being blocked in different areas. Try the Brave or Duck Duck Go browser. If that doesn’t help, try a VPN. If you have a VPN, try turning it off. If none of that works it might be blocked by your ISP. I would suggest for quickest results order a USB from the shop loaded with the archive, or a DVD from

  1. Adam

    Hi when you click on the video link or the play button in the tab, it doesn’t load, when you click to open it in another window it says Safari cannot open the page/cannot find the server.
    I can send video clips for you if necessary

    • Send the video clips. I will use them on the next show as proof that we are being censored.

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