(Democrat Election Fraud) President Trump drew attention to the 2.7 million Trump votes deleted by Dominion voting systems, and the further 435,000 votes switched to Joe Biden.

After studying the Dominion systems manual, @PlaysTrumpCard has discovered that the system makes it shockingly easy to delete votes and switch votes. The Dominion website advertises their products as ‘versatile solutions for any election scenario‘ and it’s clear that the Dominion voting system is indeed extremely ‘versatile’ in that it is set up to make it easy to change, reject and delete results.

Things start to get interesting in section 8 of the manual, with section 8.3 Result State Management discussing the various states of result files. The manual reveals, “Result files in this state (rejected) can be deleted by the user.”

The manual then goes on to describe how validated votes can be moved to the rejected state:

“Result files in this state can be deleted by the user.”

Things get even more worrying in Section 8.4 Deleting of Results which reveals:

“Result File rows can be selected and moved to another Result State.”

“Individual or selections of Result Files can be deleted from the Result File screen.”

This is particularly concerning bearing in mind that the official Edison election data feeds confirm that 2.7 million votes for President Trump were deleted on election night, and a further 435,000 votes were switched to Joe Biden.

@PlaysTrumpCard sums it up perfectly:

“Dominion voting systems is set up to make it easy to change and delete results. One resist kid with admin access in a warehouse full of machines can enter whatever result, delete previous results, etc. 38x delete is mentioned in manual. It’s absolutely outrageous.”

The Dominion systems manual can be found at the following links:


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