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Since 2016 Sacred Owls and DarkDox have been filming our journeys across the U.S. and Mexico to have boots on the ground reporting and archiving of locations and events related to the destruction of national sovereignty & human kind’s individual rights. They Are Here To Save The World was released 2018 after the first trip to the Bohemian Grove Monte Rio, & Bohemian Club / Owlbar in San Francisco California, Georgia Guide Stones, the Denver Airport, The White House, Boys Town, Nebraska, Las Vegas, and more!

Teddy Bears Picnic covers an annual encampment of prominent male leaders at the Zambezi Glen, a thinly-veiled reference to the Bohemian Grove.

Written and Directed by Harry Shearer who is best know for his work in This Is Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, The Simpson, Best In Show but few know that he is also a member of the Bohemian Grove.

This film goes into detail depiction the rituals of the Bohemian Grove including the Cremation of Care, use of sex workers, being a male only encampment of elites, protesters at the gates, and employees filming the activities to go to the press with.

It was made with the intention of downplaying the activities there to make them seem harmless, but let’s not forget, they rape and murder kids at the Bohemian Grove.

The films Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove and Order of Death from Alex Jones’ (Infowars) were some of the first media files we came across when they came out in the 90’s. We downloaded these from Limewire when that was new… old.
Alex Jones, one way or another, got footage from inside the Bohemian Grove on the lake witnessing the Cremation of Care ceremony on their high holy day in Midsummer in Monte Rio, California at their red wood encampment in front of the 40′ statue of an owl with an altar where they set an effigy of a small human child on fire to rid themselves of “dull care” at this male only encampment of the most powerful men in government, military, intelligence, and industry gather to cavort, be gay and merry, but supposedly never to plot, record, or report the activities there because “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”.
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