Last nights movie screening of Plandemic 2.0 inDOCTORnation was a great time! There was a lot of interest and support for the pilot test of this crazy idea!

This is the dawn of Drive-By Movies here in Central Florida. This spot is perfect for us because we are right up the street so we will do them here in Casselberry under the 17-92 overpass on the North side of the 436 intersection. There is plenty of room for seating far, far away from traffic so it is actually quite nice acoustically with the PA system not even all that loud amplified by the concrete and steel of the overpass.

This time of year the air was cool and breezy and it is really neat seeing people check out the movie while they are waiting for the light to turn. We got a couple of supportive honks and some people even slowing down to a crawl and rolling down their windows to see what we were up to!

We will be at this spot every Saturday at 8pm to show a film for free! Show up! Bring your own lawn chair unless you don’t mind standing. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks, just make sure to take any packaging or bottles with you, there are no trash cans or anything but a lot of space, a huge 20′ tall wall to project on to, and a captive audience of commuters that are getting red pilled with facts and reality that is being suppressed by tech giants of search engines and social media.

Here are our next Drive-By Movies!

If you have seen any or all of these movies, bring someone who has not seen it! This is a great event to meet like minded people and discuss the things that you usually are not allowed to discuss with people who won’t get triggered, mad, loud, or hostile. This is a place of education and intellectual debate in order to better understand each other and work towards a brighter future of liberty, justice, and prosperity instead of control, injustice, and poverty!

In the Orlando area and want to help spread the word? Great! Share this post, save the image above and post on all your social media, print and pass out flyers or leave places people will see them and take a few where it is not littering. Let’s make this awesome!

Join the movement! If you are not in Central Florida, get a space, a TV, projector, whatever you can get your hands on and have movie screenings of the films you can download or stream here at!

Good Films To Screen To The Public

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