Without William Cooper, there would be no DarkDox. When I was 16 I was skipping class and a new assistant principal stopped me and my friend in the hall. He was a quiet, rather ominous, well dressed, and seemingly intellectual man. I started to make an excuse as to why we were in the hall and he cut me off by asking “Have you read Behold A Pale Horse?” We had no idea what he was talking about. This was 1999. He went on to talk about the police state, globalism, tyranny, etc. for a good 20 minutes. Talk about a captive audience. I was a punk rocker, member of Food Not Bombs, and knew there was corruption, but had nothing really to back it up. I read the book then 9/11 happened (on my 18th birthday) and that is when I started FederalJack.com, joined WeAreChange, and started listening to Alex Jones, David Icke, Hour Of The Time. The rest is history.

A lot has changed and a lot is still the same. William Cooper was killed in his home for exposing the truth. This is his story.

Also, if you haven’t already, catch up on his historic radio broadcasts, Hour Of The Time, which include the Mystery Babylon series. It is a wealth of knowledge. Right now we have about 25% of the archive. Please consider supporting us by clicking “chip in” above or donate by cash app here so we can take time and resources to download the rest and help fund much more!

Also, download the PDF and audio book for William Coopers book Behold A Pale Horse!

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