It was powerful to see the MILLIONS of people who turned out WORLDWIDE to express their refusal to lockdown, vaccinate, mask, and be a slave. This is The Great Re-Opening!

There have been scuffles with police and 13 arrests as thousands of anti-lockdown protesters demonstrated in central London this afternoon. The protest came after 60 MPs and peers wrote to the home secretary calling for lockdown rules to be changed to allow demonstrations to take place. Police were criticised for the way they dealt with women holding a vigil last Saturday for Sarah Everard who was murdered in south London.

Anti-Covid lockdown protesters have clashed with police in central London, injuring “several”, throwing bottles, cans as they were urged to go home. Earlier in the day, thousands marched through the streets of the capital carrying placards with slogans such as “Fear Westmonster not the virus” and “Stop destroying our kids’ lives”, while others argued the restrictions designed to reduce transmission of the deadly disease are anti-free speech. The Metropolitan Police said 36 people had been arrested, the majority for breaching coronavirus restrictions. While most demonstrators dispersed after the march finished, around 100 returned to Hyde Park where they threw bottles and cans at police, forcing them to retreat to their vans. They then chased, kicked and punched police vehicles as they were urged to go home.

Protesters scuffled with police in central London on Saturday during a demonstration against lockdown measures. England has been under strict lockdown since January, with all non-essential businesses closed and people asked to stay at home. Some protesters were filmed being detained by police. Read the latest coronavirus news here:… #Coronavirus #Protest #AntiLockdown

Protestors upset with country’s coronavirus lockdown orders march down Hyde Park in London

ANTI-lockdown protesters clashed with cops in London today after police warned they could be arrested if they gathered. Hundreds of maskless demonstrators marched through the capital to rally against Covid rules, just hours after the Met urged people not to join.


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