Join Simon Yanowitz in this interview with Dr. Antonietta Gatti about what is in swabs, face masks and vaccines.

Dr. Gatti is a world expert in detecting inorganic nanoparticles in various samples.

As you can see in the photos below, my photos confirm what Dr. Gatti has been showing, these flocked swabs break off their flocking in the nasal passages of individuals being tested for “covid”. The PCR swabs (this is my opinion) could be part of the “mysterious” symptoms we keep hearing about and that the fibers being found in the lungs of the sick individuals, could it be they were tested, this stuff migrated into their lungs and caused this “sudden” upper respratory illness?

I mean, where did the flu go? What I’m seeing is asbestos like fibers causing problems and the relabeling of the flu to drive “case” numbers up with testing.

I don’t know what is really going on but these swabs scare the hell out of me.

Tell the DarkDox community what you think. Do these look safe to be shoved up your nose for a thing that is SO VIRAL you have to tested to know you have it? No symptoms are a symptom? But a test told you you were sick?


Swab Science: invasion & destruction

## Video sources

### Antonietta Gatti's electron microscope (FESEM) pictures and analysis

### Dr T.'s microscopy on Not On the Beeb channel

### Tim Truth

Covering the swab hydrogel PDF from Slovakian scientists, Bratislava hospital.

Swab needles sticking into meat.

Black strands in swabs.

## Studies

Aluminium causes Alzheimer's disease

Silver nanoparticles applications

Silver nanoparticles health damage

The mysterious Slovakian PDF on swab hydrogel

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