Mouthy Buddha has released (and YouTube has already pulled) Pedogate 2020 Part Three so this video thumbnail should have our Banned on YouTube Badge of honor but I really wanted to cram the following set up text on it!

The following exclusive testimony is from a U.S. Army whistleblower: “I was an information technology specialist MOS code 25 Bravo, in the U.S. Army.

And for a few years I was stationed in the region beneath Pacific command.

monitoring network traffic on what’s known as SIPRNet.

so, classified, secret, top-secret that was compartmentalized information.

And that was the network where I, either early 2019 or lat 2018

I started to see a massive spike in abnormal communications between authorized users within pacific commant to authorized users with IP addresses that I could recognize one hundred percent of the time as belonging to Pentagon employees, either uniformed, contractors, civilian employees, intelligence officials, something of that nature, picking up underage prostitutes.”

Well done Buddah, well done.

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