The Dominion Voting Systems used in the 2020 US Presidential Election and their Smartmatic Technology Software were created in Venezuela to rig elections.

Sydney Powell has testimony of an insider who helped develop the software for Chavez to rig their elections.

This software can flip votes, has multiple back doors, and is very easy to hack.

Donald Trump got so many votes that they had to shut down or “pause” the counting and bring in all the “mail in ballots” which has multiple ballots with no creases, which is impossible, voting 98% for Joe Biden with no other votes for anyone else, and appear to be pre-printed and not filled in by a ball point pen.

Even members of the Democrat Party have spoken out against this voting system including Presidential Candidates Amy Klobuchar and Elisabeth Warren.

One of Smartmatics creators has been on video with Antifa members bragging that they are going to rig the election to “Fuck Trump”.

The algorithm used shows that each Trump vote = 0.75 votes and each Biden vote = 1.25 votes which is constant with the “Ramp Curve” shown in the MIT analysis done by Dr. Shiva.

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