TicketMaster has troubled a history of scams and fraud, but we are supposed to accept their draconian contact tracing, Covid vaccine verification app to go to live events?

Well, they have developed SMARTEVENT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. They are luring people in to their technocratic control software by offering “contactless (which is not a word) payment and moble ordering so fans will be able to order concessions and merch via mobile and have it delivered to their seat, dramatically reducing wait times and providing more time to enjoy the event.”

Entry Rate Monitoring

“Keep an eye on the entry flow and total capacty of your event to stay on top of any ingress issues.

Contactless (not a word) Entry

Keeping fans and staff safe by reducing the need for contact and keeping everyone at a safe distance.

Real-Time Communism… I mean Communication

Keep fans informed before, during and after the event with custom real-time notifications and emails.

Here is the Trojan horse: Contact Tracing

The ability to explore integrations to allow contact tracing where necessary.

Social Distance Seating

“Our algorithms consider distance between seats, slope angles, riser heights and more to create a unique seating strategy that’s easy to adjust if guidelines change.

Ticket Transfer

“Every fan can have their own individual ticket making entry quicker and safer” Every “fan” has ALWAYS HAD THEIR OWN TICKET! HOW IS THIS AN INNOVATION?!

Contactless Box Office

“Provides the ability to handle all ticketing support and transactions, reducing the need for physical interaction between fans and staff.

and lastly, Timed Entry

“Staggered entry times help avoid large groups gathering outside the venue”.

Sure they make it sound so convenient and wonderful but the main purpose of this is to get you used to the app system where they can force you to have a vaccine for Covid-19 and have a negative test result to use it or they can find you in the venue and kick you out or arrest you.

This dinosaur has been alive too long. We here at DarkDox.com will refuse to comply or support any measures like this, especially when if you search for Ticketmaster at the moment all of the lawsuits for leaked and stolen data from credit cards and other personal information is listed in the same breath as their groundbreaking security procedures.

You have to be a real dumb sheep to fall for this stuff.

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