DarkDox Digest Season 2 (2020)

DarkDox Full Length Feature Films

Since 2016 Sacred Owls and DarkDox have been filming our journeys across the U.S. and Mexico to have boots on the ground reporting and archiving of locations and events related to the destruction of national sovereignty & human kind’s individual rights. They Are Here To Save The World was released 2018 after the first trip to the Bohemian Grove Monte Rio, & Bohemian Club / Owlbar in San Francisco California, Georgia Guide Stones, the Denver Airport, The White House, Boys Town, Nebraska, Las Vegas, and more!

Anti-One World Order Together Live at Uncle Lou’s Sovereign Citizens Unite, World Health Organization Wants You Dead is a pretty self explanatory title for this hour 22 compilage includes segments from us, No Agenda, Banned.video, and a live performance from Uncle Lous when the first Covid-19 lockdown took effect in Orlando. Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall on Mills Ave was not allowed to be open to the public or operational. People came. Cops came and told us we would not be allowed to let people in. Just the camera operator, Lou, and us. Greg Fernandez Jr. streamed it live cause all social media platforms with live streaming capabilities have blocked all our accounts. Cheers!

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